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Welcome to this exhibit of natural history photographs selected from our extensive image archives. Galleries here feature a small selection of our photographs, with special emphasis on bryophytes, fungi, lichens and flowering plants.

Catalogues listing a more extensive collection of images for each of these groups are provided.

Finally, a series of collections of photographs of further subjects can be accessed.
From early childhood I've had an interest in the living world, a passion that has driven many of my endeavours. I'm especially drawn to the less conspicuous groups, those which receive the least publicity and which reveal their astonishing beauty when the time is taken to find and observe them.

With the arrival of digital SLR cameras, I've been able to combine my biological interests with digital photography and image processing. But while sophisticated tools are a great help in producing an appealing image, my goal is always to show the species I photograph in a life-like representation. A successful image is, for me, one that is both biologically informative and aesthetically pleasing.

The little selection of photographs presented here is just the tip of the iceberg, chosen to illustrate the nature of the work I produce. With over 12,000 images on my Flickr pages, and 120,000 in my personal photographic database, there's lots more to see.
Many of these images have been taken in my home country, Scotland, but they also include a wide range of organisms from various other countries, and of course I've also endeavoured to capture other subjects while on my walks and travels.

The purpose of these webpages is to showcase a small number of the photographs I have taken, focusing on bryophytes, fungi, lichens and flowering plants. Some of my images have found their way into various publications, but I am particularly interested in collaboration with other parties to produce publications that feature a number of photographs from my extensive collection.

A summary of some of my image collections as housed on Flickr is presented on the Collections page, with links to the material that I've posted to that social networking site. I hope you enjoy perusing my photographs, and welcome enquiries regarding image usage and potential publishing projects.

Stephen Buchan
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