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Our image archive covers many groups of living organism, and also includes photographs on other themes. A brief overview of some of the subjects covered is provided on this page.

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The image galleries on this site present a small selection from much larger sets of images held in our Flickr image archive. While bryophytes, fungi, lichens and flowering plants predominate, a wide range of other living organisms is represented on our Flickr pages. Details on species identity, location, habitat, substrate and so on, can be found in the annotations on Flickr.

Our images of biological subjects are organised into a number of Flickr Albums, each relating to a particular group. For Angiosperms, most species are placed in the relevant orders and families (as per APG II).

Rather than reproduce here some of Flickr's image database organisation and search facilities, we invite you to explore our photostream by visiting our Flickr pages. Just click on the Flickr icon at left to go straight to the latest image upload on our photostream. From there you can search through all our material, or open an Album and peruse the content there.
The button bar at the bottom of this page provides links to a selection of our Flickr Albums, featuring images relating to the living world.

To view a wider range of our photographic material, you can browse through all our Flickr Albums via Flickr,
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