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Liverwort characters
Reproductive structures
Gemmae on leaf tips
I don't have an example of a leafy liverwort with gemmae borne on the leaf tips, nor do I know if any species bear their gemmae in such a position.

Gemmae on erect shoots
  • Calypogeia arguta
Calypogeia arguta Calypogeia arguta (Cephaloziaceae)
Calypogeia arguta

Gemmae on erect shoots

pale balls of gemmae at the top of the erect shoots are clearly visible in this specimen of Calypogeia arguta.

Superficially, at least, the leafy liverwort Calypogeia arguta pictured here, and the moss Aulacomnium androgynum, Aulacomnium androgynum
Aulacomnium androgynum
appear to share very similar positions for the gemmae.

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